Saturday, January 12, 2008

Life is so...daily

Have you noticed? It’s there, every day. It’s what happens.

All your decisions; the things you said, to whom, and how you said them; what you did and why you think you did it—it’s all there, every day. How and what you say to yourself. The games you played, the songs you sang, the meals you cooked—every day. That’s what brought us to the here and now. I have been thinking about this lately. As I constructed the outline of events occurring in our circle since October 2007, I had plenty to think about.

Some of the happenings which began shortly after Sock Wars II went underway (Sock Wars update coming soon. Truly!):


~ Bank account was accessed, the money used to pay a huge utility bill in another state. This took up an inordinate amount of time, both psychic and physic. I was worthless after a week of that. Today we are dealing with repercussions of this yet affecting us.

The funny thing is, after mentioning my dismay over this to a few friends and acquaintances, I found that this occurs more frequently than one would think. Practically each person with whom I have spoken of this either has had someone access some sort of information of theirs, especially banking, or know of someone who has. After all, the BankGuy we dealt with said the bank wouldn’t likely pursue any criminal complaint because they get “so much of this” every year. Really? Really?!! I think I know which direction my career may be turning…

(as always, please click photo for larger picture)


floots said...

you are a woman of your word :)
good to be reading your words - but sorry to hear of all those problems
hope everything is now sorted for good

Nina said...

Floots: As my son would say, "Word". Thanks, it's almost all sorted. :)

Janice Thomson said...

It is so good to see you back Nina. Life definitely keeps us on our toes at times doesn't it. Glad to know things are being resolved.
Love the accompanying photo!

Nina said...

Janice: Thank you for your good thoughts.
And thanks about the photo--it came out a lot sharper than I thought it would, considering I was precariously perched on an old ladder to get to the right level.