Sunday, January 13, 2008

Solar Power - series

27 September 2007
~ seen from the futból fields

6:46 pm

6:55 pm

7:02 pm

7:06 pm

7:09 pm

7:10 pm

7:14 pm

7:15 pm

7:15 pm

(See set on Flickr)

I had promised the entire series of photos of this sunset. It was very intense to be surrounded by that light. It seemed as though the character of the light changed each minute, sometimes within half a minute.


Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

It's lovely to see your work again, Nina.

All the best,

floots said...

these are great shots
(you have more patience than i) :)

rilly super said...

hi nina, thanks for dropping by SITN. I hope you will also be out first thing doing the same thing for the dawn..

Nina said...

Annie: Thanks so much! I miss your blog, and tried but couldn't post to your "dynamic duo" blog. :)

Floots: Thank you, high praise! Y'know, it was just happening, I was there, and I couldn't take my eyes from it.

Hello Rilly: Happy to see you here. :) Funny you should say that: I may just be, as it is currently my fate to have to drive my dear husband to work at 3:30 and 5am. ::yawn::

David said...

Fabulous! So glad to see these bursts of light and awe.

Nina said...

David: Thank you, I like the way you put it. I almost hate to add another post, I so enjoy seeing these scenes.

KOSTAS said...

Splendid photographs with colours they dominate in the sky play with the clouds and they make the shades of trees appear intense. Very good set

Nina said...

Kostas: Thank you, what a nice comment. Welcome.

fotoface said...

some much time to spare lol

wonderful shots

Nina said...

Fotoface: Ha-ha! you've got me on that one. Thanks, I'm so glad you like them. :)