Saturday, October 13, 2007

Solar Power III

I have not forgotten the sunset I started a week or so ago. Here are the next in the series:
(click on photos for larger view)~~okay, this should really work now

27 September 2007
6:49 pm

Actually, this should have been second, but it was such a different view, I was going to save it for another time. Then I took another look.

27 September 2007
7:02 pm

I admit to having cropped out the parked cars in some of these sunset photos. They interrupted my concentration on the incredible sky, so they had to go. Unfortunately, it made for a smaller photo here. So, click to have it fill your screen, and see what you think.


cal said...

The cropping only enhances the pic in my "view" and the shafts of light always bring a bright smile.

Nina said...

cal: Thank you. And so do you, Cal. :)

floots said...

great skies
well done

David said...

This is such an intense shot. Real drama and magic.

Nina said...

floots: Thank you, high compliment from you. :)

david: I'm glad you like it! It feels like that when I'm watching a sunset like this.

donnac1968 said...

What are you doing???????? Posting photos of skies when you are at WAR!!!!!!!
How are you getting on? I'm past the heel on sock 1. Hands are knackered!!

Nina said...

donna: I consider myself severely admonished! ::whine:: but I didn't feel well today, wah!

Donna, don't do so much you ruin your digits for sock #2! Take some breaks. Get a hand massage.

I will catch up tomorrow, I'm sure. All we have is the Centennial Parade, but one can knit at parades, can't one?

Okay, enough of that. See next post. ;)

Janice Thomson said...

Wow these photos are so beautiful Nina. Great captures.

Nina said...

janice: Thank you! So glad you saw them. :)

Annie Wicking and Loman Austen said...

What wonderful pictures! I agree with Cal.

best wishes

Nina said...

annie: Thank you, I'm glad you like them. :)