Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I Wonder Who's Kissing You Now

Now that recent holidays are over, how are you? Are you taking care of yourself?
I think of you often; of the holiday parties…that little sprig suspended over the doorway…

  I wonder who's kissing you now,
   I wonder who's teaching you how,

It seemed as though every archway, or entry to each greatroom held a stem heavy with the delicate leaves, bowing an invitation. Those green petals whose essence compels the sweet gesture…

  I wonder who's looking into your eyes
   Breathing sighs, telling lies;

It was a coincidence, I’m sure, that I always found your arms encircling, your eyes reflecting the festive holiday lights, twinkling as you hinted to me of my contract with tradition…

  I wonder who's buying the wine,
   For lips that I used to call mine…

Ah, the wine. Is it possible to have an evening more pleasurable—a fire, mistletoe, the wine, your lips…

Hello Dear One,

  I’ve missed you so.

Behold, the "delicate" mistletoe, so sought-after, so... so... attached to its host, as many a partygoer, mmm?

Song lyrics adapted from: “I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now”, (1 Feb 1909)
Words by Will M. Hough, 1882-1962
& Frank R. Adams, 1883-1963
Music by Joseph E. Howard, 1878-1961[and Harold Orlob, 1885-1982]
from the Musical Comedy"The Prince of To-Night" [8 Feb 1909]


donnac1968 said...


Annie Wicking said...

Hello! Welcome back to the party!

It so good to see you again, my dear friend.

We have some much to catch up on.

Grab a cuppa and sit down and let's know what you have been up too.

Best wishes


Nina said...

Thank you, Ladies! It's good to be back, it really is.

A little glimpse of my day: today our youngest (child) turns 6, so there will be a party or two;

I have been asked to sing this Sunday, so a rehearsal, no doubt;

a committee meeting concerning artistic endeavors;

and game night with friends, which will of course include birthday cake! :)

And I have some photos to prepare for show-and-tell here...

David said...

It is so lovely to have you back! You have been missed.

Nina said...

Thank you, David. How very kind of you. :)